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Kinesis Foundation celebrates granting $8M+ to Puerto Rican students

Kinesis Foundation President José Enrique Fernández recently announced that the nonprofit organization has granted some $8.9 million in scholarships to outstanding students in Puerto Rico who have economic limitations since its establishment in 2004.

The achievement “proves that a genuine union of wills can result in the benefit of Puerto Rican youth and education, beyond the socioeconomic constraints the island is facing,” as dictated the nonprofit’s mission, he said.

Hundreds of students who have received scholarships from the organization have been admitted into the top 100 leading universities in the United States, including the University of Puerto Rico, and others, Fernández said.

He made the announcement during the celebration of the Foundation’s 15th charity dinner held late last month in San Juan attended by more than 400 guests, including students.

“There should be no barriers to access to education, but rather opportunities. We’re also celebrating that for fiscal year 2018-2019, 52% of our students chose to study in Puerto Rico and the other 48% was admitted to prestigious universities in the U.S. mainland, including the University of Notre Dame, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and others,” Fernández said, noting the Foundation awarded $1.4 million in scholarships during the same time period.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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