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Lemonade Day Puerto Rico opens registration for program’s 4th edition

Youth entrepreneurship program, Lemonade Day, has opened the registration period for the fourth edition of Lemonade Day in Puerto Rico. Students from 6 to 12 years old throughout the island are invited to join participate and learn valuable life skills. Registration is free.

“Lemonade Day is an experiential program that teaches participants how to establish and operate their own lemonade stand, while sowing the seed of entrepreneurship and cultivating core values. We provide an experience that is rich in content and easy to execute,” said Natalia Subirá, director of Lemonade Day in Puerto Rico since its founding in 2019.

In 2021, Lemonade Day in Puerto Rico had a record participation of 1,030 participants and the support from 530 mentors across the island. According to the program’s impact report, 100 schools and 67 municipalities were impacted.

For Tere Nolla, executive director of Centro CRECE, holder of the Lemonade license in Puerto Rico, the appeal and added value of this experience have increased significantly, because “for parents who are now looking for ways to fill the gaps caused by remote education, Lemonade Day is an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen academic skills, particularly in the areas of mathematics, problem solving, and financial education. The program is also very effective in strengthening social and communication skills.”

Through a lemonade stand, planned lessons, and virtual workshops, the Lemonade Day curriculum teaches how to develop a business plan to find partners and obtain funding, identify a location and manage permits, create a product, and develop a brand identity, and manage a budget.

The program culminates with Lemonade Day, when participants around Puerto Rico set up and operate their stands. The program also encourages entrepreneurs in training to divide their net profits into three parts to save, spend and donate.

“It is proven that children who receive business education are more willing to look for opportunities, are more persevering, have greater ability to speak in public and solve problems, and adapt more easily to overcome challenges,” said Subirá.

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Author Details
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