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Liberty Puerto Rico relaunches new Liberty Go app

Liberty Puerto Rico announced it is relaunching its Liberty Go application, which is now available at major app stores for its television customers and at no extra cost.

The redesigned app, which had been previously available in a Beta version, has now been upgraded to fix some bugs and add extra enhancements. It replaces the old Liberty Go app and is packed with more features through which users can enjoy live television from channels that they are already subscribed to.

These include a new and modern interface, a content recommendation engine, On Demand content, and a parental control option, plus Liberty’s Replay function. The app also includes a programming guide that allows customers to view the all the channels’ content. Users can also forward up to seven days and go back using the Replay function for available channels.

The guide features all channels in Liberty’s entire lineup, out of which customers will be able to watch content from up to 145 channels depending on the television service they are subscribed to.

Meanwhile, Hub TV customers will have a 360-degree experience with their television service once they download the app. They will be able to keep watching their shows, movies and series from Hub TV and the app, replay content that has already started to air, see recorded content in Hub TV and the app, and have a favorite channel and content shared list between HubTV and the app. They will also be able to set up content recordings ahead of time to watch later.

Customers who used the previous Liberty Go app will find the same features they always enjoyed in the app, but the new Liberty Go app will also enable them to do things they could not do before such as create recommendation lists based on their preferences.

To enhance the users’ experience, Liberty has developed several customer education resources such as tutorial videos, user’s manual for the app and an information landing page within the company’s website.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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