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LUMA launches battery energy sharing initiative to improve reliability

LUMA announced the launch of its Customer Battery Energy Sharing (CBES) initiative, a battery emergency demand response program, to help improve service reliability for it’s 1.5 million customers in Puerto Rico.  

This pilot program will provide participating solar customers with battery storage systems an opportunity to contribute to increased grid stability by helping to increase energy reserves during peak demand periods to reduce rotating outages caused by generation shortfalls, the company stated.

When needed, renewable energy service providers will activate batteries owned by customers enrolled in the CBES to supply energy to the grid, helping to reduce energy demand and improve system reliability, benefiting all customers across Puerto Rico. 

“LUMA’s new CBES initiative is another important resource that will help us in our ongoing work to improve system reliability for our customers across the island,” said LUMA President Juan Saca. 

“CBES will help us address the challenge of always matching demand with supply and minimize the impact of outages caused by ongoing generation shortfalls. We’re proud to partner with leading renewable service providers and participating solar customers to help improve service and reliability for everyone in Puerto Rico,” he said.

LUMA will partner with renewable energy service providers to manage the program and enroll, including Sunnova Energy International Inc., the first provider to join the CBES initiative.

Additional renewable energy providers, including Fortress Power, Sunrun and Tesla, have joined the program and will be reaching out to their qualifying customers to invite them to enroll in the initial pilot phase of CBES. 

Customers participating in CBES will be compensated by their renewable energy provider for their battery response and energy contributions. 

“As the leading residential solar and battery storage services company in Puerto Rico, Sunnova takes great pride in joining forces with LUMA for this groundbreaking energy solution. We firmly believe that the CBES initiative will not only enhance Puerto Rico’s grid but also recognize and reward the valuable contributions of participating customers,” said Sunnova CEO William J. (John) Berger.

“The implementation of such programs is vital in reshaping Puerto Rico’s energy landscape, guaranteeing a more sustainable and dependable future for the entire island community,” he said.

LUMA’s CBES initiative is one of many programs the company is launching as part of its “Building a Better Energy Future” initiative to improve customer service, reliability, and community safety over the next 12 months, the company stated.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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  1. Pio Sanoguet March 7, 2024

    Making a network Using the Powerwall’s across Puerto Rico needs to be examined by taking in consideration or the possible scenarios. Compensation is a big and broad word that can go from a penny to a dollar……. Mr. Berger I am one of your clients since 2017, my solar system was amended and cut down from 7.2 Kwh to 4.2 exposing Me to a doble electric bills and I got Two PV systems. When I go to Luma seeking for answers about Net Metering the main answer is consumption and with that all gets explained I have been charged $400.00 per month with two of your PV systems. I went to Luma for orientation about Net Metering and I was told that the application of My Sunnova and the Tesla App are no reliable and what counts is the AEE Meter a meter that needs to be revised and if it was never replaced is 50 year old. Besides my cases gets closed with No report of the findings, when I see that the amount of Kwh reported in the applications do not Match and even worst when the exported kwh are less after taking in consideration the ones used in the house. Who is receiving the benefit of having a PV in the house or Business??. The compensation of such program should be clearly stated. Receiving a compensation does not deal with the reality of the Grid in Puerto Rico: If the Powerwall’s gets out of service after been part of that network , Do We customers will have to continue paying the monthly fees for the PV systems. What do you have to say when a representative of a company tells You That My Sunnova Application and Tesla are Not Reliable? Me as a customer that is a tool to be used to monitor the system. and when their is a discrepancy their must be an explanation that We deserve to Know, Besides I requested as a customer the Sunnova meter to be checked based on the fact that the system exported 21Kwh in a month and in the mean time I get charged a considerable amount of money and then I have to decide if I pay the electricity, or the water or the groceries.
    The Renewable Energy Bossiness is growing exponentially and the failure or success depends on the Vision, Intentions of the people that want to support It and Materialize It. The Future What ever would Be is a consequences of the past. If I am going to get drowned by the waves that I am making for exposing relities that we live I only think in what my family will have to go thru. Thank You for your Time.


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