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Maritime Transportation Authority confirms start of new ferry route to Vieques

The Maritime Transportation Authority (MTA) announced the start of a new ferry route connecting the town of Ceiba with the island municipality of Vieques’ Mosquito Pier.

This route will shorten the time it takes to connect the islands in half, to 20 minutes each way, the agency said.

Initially, the trips will be limited to moving cargo to the southwestern side of Vieques, said MTA Director Mara Pérez-Torres.

“Our staff, along with the mayor of Vieques, José A. Corcino-Acevedo and municipal employees have worked hard to enable the Mosquito pier, the ramp has been removed and several trips have already been made with Mr. Mason to ensure that it docked well,” she said, referring to the ferry in use to run the route.

Meanwhile, Corcino-Acevedo said the so-called “short route” had been anticipated for years, “and if we combine it with a good maritime transportation service, it will be the key to opportunities for development and well-being for Viequenses.”

For now, the MTA is running three daily round-trips, which have received the endorsement of the Coast Guard to operate from the Mosquito pier.

For now, passenger traffic to Mosquito pier is on hold until the MTA finishes prepping the ticket office area and installs restrooms, Pérez said.

“For years, we have worked hard to do justice to the Viequenses. Today we can finally say that we’re more than on track, we’re already offering short-route trips,” Pérez said.

“Today, we offer residents a much faster, more effective, reliable travel alternative and that fills us with great satisfaction, because this way we’re helping to improve the quality of life of these citizens,” she added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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