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MCS program helps med students join provider networks

As part of the “Impúlsate con MCS” initiative, more than 50 resident doctors from the Family Medicine Program at Mayagüez Medical Center were recently trained on the administrative and operational processes essential for health plan contracting and medical service provision.

The program underscores MCS’ stated mission to “strengthen the health ecosystem and contribute to the future medical class in Puerto Rico.” The health insurer has established partnerships with medical residency programs to assist physicians starting their careers on the island and contributing to serve the community.

“‘Impúlsate con MCS’ was devised to address the need of newly graduated physicians to learn about the administrative issues that are part of their profession,” stated Inés Hernández, MCS’ chief medical officer.

“This ranges from how the health care industry operates to contracting requisites by Medicare and health plans,” she said. “What we intend with this project is to make it easier for young doctors on the island to enter the health system and that this serves as a stimulus for them to continue working here.”

Throughout 2023, the initiative conducted training with residency programs at Bella Vista Hospital in Mayagüez, Damas Hospital in Ponce, La Concepción Hospital in San Germán and San Lucas Hospital. Sessions for 2024 are planned at Mayagüez Medical Center and Manatí Medical Center, Hernández added.

The program includes direct training, online modules and advice for setting up private practices.

Before completing their residency, participants will understand the insurer’s contracting and credentialing procedures and learn operational details of the plan to improve their practices and patient care.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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