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Multinational Life Insurance opens help line for Option Health Care customers

Multinational Life Insurance Company CEO Luis Pimentel-Zerbi recently announced that the company will begin to serve Option Health Care policy holders directly, rather than through a third-party administrator.

The new line of business results from Multinational Insurance Company acquisition of National Life Insurance Co. late last year, which included Option Health Care in its portfolio of products and services. Most recently, Multinational also picked up National Insurance Company’s assets.

Multinational Life and its parent Multinacional de Seguros will offer all Option Health Care customers and providers information regarding pre-authorization, case management and other services over the phone — 787-772-4339 or 787-758-8080, extensions 2299 and 2377 — via email at salud@multinationalpr.com, and via fax at 939-205-8780 o 939-205-8781”.

“We are ready to make sure that patients and providers get service continuity, as well as swift and efficient services,” added Pimentel. “All coverage plans remain unaltered. The bottom line for this process is that customers will now have access to a broader network of more than 9,000 providers, more than 60 facilities and numerous options for dental care.”

“Those insured with us will now benefit from a wide range of alternatives and excellent services by the best professionals in all fields,” he said, noting customers can continue using their old health plan cards for now while new cards arrive in the mail.

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Author Details
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  1. Princecitatrp February 23, 2012

    For sure Option Medical Plan is not an “option” in Puerto Rico, any doctor want to take this plan.  And nobody assist you when you make a call to the “OPTION medical plan office”.  My doctor said that he is not taking any more the insurance because they paid him with a check without funds twice!!  I need another plan.  And this people of Multinational Insurance delay to pick up the phone too!!  It’s so sad that you pay a plan that nobody take. 

    Luz Eneida

  2. Nancyrodgz February 23, 2012

    Durante 9días me tuvieron sin cubierta de farmacia para mi hijo que tiene necesidades especiales. No tuve el apoyo del plan ni del comisionado de seguros de Puerto Rico, ni de la Oficina del Procurador de la Salud. Sólo de los empleados de la farmacia Costco.

    Nancy I. Rodríguez

    1. News is my Business -- Editor February 23, 2012

      Le hemos enviado una nota a los representantes de Multinational Life para que tomen notas de las preocupaciones de ambas. Gracias por su comentarios y esperamos que puedan encontrar una solución a sus situaciones de manera expedita.

      1. Luisomar1000 February 29, 2012

        Soy asegurado de option el cual cambio de multinational y todavia no tengo las tarjetas de este nuevo plan. LLevo 3 días tratando de comunicarme y nadie me responde. se pueden comunicar a luisomar1000@gmail.com

        1. Marvvv March 18, 2012

          Yo pienso, que solo traten de localizar a Multinational ellos estan tratando de solucionar a mi me solucionaron y a varias personas conocidas, que amabilidad y que ganas de salir adelante tiene esa gente, le doy mil gracias por su ayuda, solo digo no desesperen estas nuevas personas vinieron a trabajar de verdad y a ayudarnos, todavia existe gente honesta.

      2. Luisomar1000 February 29, 2012

        Soy asegurado de option el cual cambio de multinational y todavia no tengo las tarjetas de este nuevo plan. LLevo 3 días tratando de comunicarme y nadie me responde. se pueden comunicar a luisomar1000@gmail.com

  3. N. Olmeda February 29, 2012

    It is incredible. My medical plan Option that I pay for was bought by Multinational Life Insurance Co. and,  we the patients are always the last ones to be informed.  I am home sick for the last two days.  There is not one laboratory or hospital in Humacao that would process a doctors order for a blood sample on  influenza or dengue illness.   Why?  Because Option is not an option. Thank you! I have been trying to contact Multinational and Option  today all day.  No one answered the phone.  Yesterday Multinational told me that the new medical insurance cards would take two more weeks  So WHAT DO I do in the mean time?  I know!  Since I have patients rights I will call the office  of Procurador Del Paceinte hoping they can help me.  Or maybe I can call the Omdusman Office.  Let’s see who call the shots first. 

    Professor N. Olmeda

  4. JAIMMExBACHAND March 18, 2016

    Fantastic analysis ! I loved the insight , Does anyone know where my assistant would be able to grab a blank a form form to fill in ?


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