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Newland Associates launches tool to support job search efforts in Puerto Rico

Newland Associates, a company that helps organizations adapt to changing business environments, unveiled the PowerMyCareer Online Solutions, a virtual outplacement service designed to help employees quickly find their next career opportunity in Puerto Rico.

The program, available in Spanish, English, and French, provides career transition support to employees who are displaced by lay-offs, furloughs, or reductions in workforces, or RIF’s. 

“In addition to providing job leads, the technology we’ve put together truly helps people who lost their jobs have a better chance being found by AI bots that scan job applications, then getting called for job interviews and acing them,” said Newland Associates CEO Robert Newland.

The online solution gives displaced workers unlimited access to job placement tools like PowerMyResumeCV — an online portfolio, social media profile, and resume builder — PowerMyJobSearch, which analyzes and aligns employment applications to fit job posting requirements, optimizes keywords, and boosts resume performance, and PowerMyInterview, which in partnership with Hirevue, offers employees interactive interview training through real-time video technology and coaching feedback.

Job seekers will have access to 350 e-learning courses, webinars led by job search experts, and certifications designed to provide outplaced employees with the resources needed to reskill and find new employment. The services are virtual and give guidance to keep participants focused, motivated, and moving through all phases of the job search.

Vanessa Boneta, managing director in Puerto Rico at Newland Associates, the technology “makes outplacement services better for laid off workers, while providing employers with a meaningful, cost-effective solution they can scale in the organization.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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