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Op-Ed: The importance of giving back

Many studies have proven that entrepreneurs are a key driver of innovation, wealth creation and economic development. Being an entrepreneur, however, is not for the faint of heart. 

It requires sacrifice, commitment, tough decisions and access to resources like capital, talent, and mentorship. Entrepreneurs are typically in desperate need of guidance and support, be it financial, strategic, or just personal development. 

Private institutions and nonprofit organizations play an important role in the journey of an entrepreneur. If not for organizations like Grupo Guayacán, many entrepreneurs would have lost their way, and ideas that have created significant wealth and opportunities for others, would have failed to launch. This is something that we cannot allow. 

Puerto Rico, especially now, can’t afford it. Those of us that have been blessed with the opportunity to build and lead successful businesses in Puerto Rico, have a responsibility to support our entrepreneurial ecosystem by giving back our time, expertise and money. It is the only way to create positive, sustainable, long-term impact to our economy and society.

Giving back is also a way to pay forward the opportunities that others created for us. Being an entrepreneur requires determination and implies taking risks that not everyone is willing to assume.

For those reasons, I cannot think of a better way to make my contribution than through an organization that lives and breathes entrepreneurship development. An organization that offers a whole spectrum of capacity building programs, from seed to exit, from mentoring to grants and prizes, all in the most transparent and efficient manner. 

That’s why I chose to support our entrepreneurs by supporting Grupo Guayacán and its Guayacán Giving Day campaign, and I invite you to do the same.

Author Rodolfo Sánchez-Colberg is managing partner at Parliament Capital.

There is no small donation, since every dollar helps get Guayacán closer to its goal and enables its continued work in support of Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurs. 

Supporting entrepreneurial initiatives not only helps foster Puerto Rico’s economic development for future generations; it also has a direct impact on the individuals, families, and communities engaged today.

It’s time to give back, it’s time to “dar para impulsar.” You can do it now via: https://bit.ly/DarParaImpulsar.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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