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1K+ P.R. shops join ‘Orange Wednesday’ initiative on Nov. 21

Empresarios por Puerto Rico announced the 2018 edition of “Orange Wednesday” on Nov. 21, when more than 1,000 local shops throughout the island will participate to provide discounts on products and services.

The effort will be coupled with an educational campaign to raise consumer awareness about the importance for the economy to support a Puerto Rican business, service or product.

“On an island where 96 percent of companies are local, we’re convinced that ‘Orange Wednesday’ should become a commercial tradition,” said Enid Monge-Pastrana, president of Empresarios por Puerto Rico, adding that in prior editions of “Orange Wednesday” participants have registered a 15 percent average increase in sales.

“Our entrepreneurs want to highlight the strength we have in the economy and that we continue to lift our businesses to demonstrate the commitment we have Puerto Rico,” she said.

“At a time when our families need to maximize their budgets and there is a greater awareness of the importance of contributing to investing their money in Puerto Rico, these efforts become more important,” Monge said.

According to a recent study by the trade group, preference for local businesses dominates in most categories that include supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies. insurance and financial services.

The “Orange Wednesday” initiative encompasses more than the commercial and economic aspects — the event offers the convenience of going Christmas shopping without the stress of long lines, she said.

“We have all kinds of local shops participating throughout the island, so the consumer can take advantage of offers in a calm environment without sacrificing their time to share with their family,” Monge said.

“Part of our tradition is to gather as a family share a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. Our vision as local entrepreneurs is to stimulate the economy without affecting our traditions,” Monge said.

As in previous years, members of the organization decorate their shops in orange and provide local deals throughout the day before Thanksgiving. Pharmacies, hardware stores, florists, supermarkets, wholesalers, credit unions, among other shops, are participating this year, as well as companies offering a wide range of services.

“Orange Wednesday” marks the beginning of offers that will continue throughout the Christmas period, she said, urging local merchants to wear orange “and feel proud to be part of the engine of the Puerto Rican economy.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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