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Oriental speeds up SMEs’ process for opening commercial banking accounts


So much has advanced with technology and banking for small and medium businesses. Oriental remains at the forefront of new digital developments and continues to simplify the way of doing business making the bank more accessible and convenient to small and medium-sized merchants.

As part of its digital solutions, Oriental now allows customers to request and start the process to open a commercial checking account online from everywhere.

The first step for opening the account is to visit orientalbank.com. Once you are on the webpage, visit the Commercial Accounts section, where all the details, products information, and forms will be available. As you might know, when you are going to open a bank account for your business, there are several required documents and information that you must provide to comply with laws and regulations.

Oriental’s new digital solution streamlines this regulatory process and allows you to upload and officially validate some of the required documentation.

Once you are filling out the digital form to request the checking account, the system will ask you for your valid identification, which you can upload from your photos or files on your cellphone or your computer.

This identification will be authenticated with a selfie or self-portrait type photo of you, which you will also share via cellphone or computer.

Also, Oriental’s digital solution allows its system to validate, through robotic and secured technology, the Merchant’s Registration Certificate of the applicant against the Unified Internal Revenue System (known in Spanish as SURI).

Through its secured digital system, Oriental verifies its legitimacy. All these steps save you time and, without a doubt, simplifies the application process in an agile, simple, and secure way.

Once you’ve applied for the commercial account, an Oriental representative will work your request and within 24 to 48 hours, he will contact you to complete the process.

Oriental’s digital solution certainly speeds up the way of doing business and managing its finances, revenues, obligations, and banking transactions. Oriental is more than ready to keep simplifying the way of doing business and contribute to you and your business progress.

Certain terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Oriental Bank Member FDIC.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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