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P.R. Tourism Co.’s ‘Voy Turisteando’ campaign pumps $52.2M into economy

The Puerto Rico Tourism Co.’s “Voy Turisteando” campaign that ran from April to August 2019 generated $52.2 million for the local economy and prompted a 43% increase in hotel room stays islandwide, agency officials announced.

The campaign “exceeded” expectations, Tourism Co. Executive Director Carla Campos said.

The promotional effort, which focused on a campaign centered on “Postcards” featuring attractions and points of interest in Puerto Rico sought to increase hotel stays by 15% — but produced a 43% jump year-over-year instead, she said.

The results show that, from April to July, 305,480 local residents stayed at Tourism Co.-endorsed hotels. The number represents 92,341 more residents who stayed vs. the previous year.

The campaign had its strongest results in June and July, and room tax collections for the April-July period reached $4.8 million — a 22.8% increase over the same period in 2018.

“These results meant an economic impact of $52.2 million in hotel room-night bookings for the local economy and $4.8 million resulting from room taxes, which means an increase of $892,400 compared to the same period during 2018,” Campos said.

“All this thanks to the effort of all of the Tourism Co.’s divisions, especially in the areas of promotion and marketing. We’re also grateful to all the people who understood, accepted and supported the message that Puerto Rico is your best vacation, that our island offers us alternatives for all tastes, ages and budgets, for a getaway or a longer period,” Campos said.

The campaign’s voyturisteando.com website generated 150,000 monthly visits from March to August; the Facebook page garnered 110,000 followers; and the Instagram page registered 19,000 followers.

“With this initiative we reiterate our commitment to offer tourists, both local and foreign, the best possible experience. Likewise, we continue on the path of making tourism the spearhead of Puerto Rico’s economic development,” Campos said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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  1. Doris Vazquez October 10, 2019

    Now we have to work on a tourism culture, where everyone on the island welcomes tourists and shows them the best of Puerto Rico!


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