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P.R. Tourism Co. unveils new ‘Voy Turisteando’ campaign to boost domestic vacations

Looking to promote domestic tourism and motivate residents to vacation on the island, the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. unveiled its newest promotional campaign, entitled “Voy Turisteando.”

Tourism Co. Executive Director Carla Campos presented “Postales,” the first internal tourism ad campaign under the “Voy Turisteando” brand. 

“During 2018, a total of 505,740 residents stayed in traditional hotels, including resorts, ‘paradores’ (small inns), bed and breakfasts, guest houses, inns and condo-hotels. These generated $32 million in hotel room income and approximately $3.2 million in taxes per room,” she said.

The campaign will run from April to August — considered the low season — and seeks to get 300,000 local residents to vacation on the island. If achieved, it 120,000 room nights and $18 million revenue from hotel activity. The effort highlights the places of interest and attractions of Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities, emphasizing that “Your Island is your best vacation.”

The agency projects seeing a 15 percent year-over-year increase over tourism activity at hotels, as well as an increase in spending in short-term rentals, attractions and restaurants, Campos said.

“Based on these numbers it is estimated $1.7 million will be collected in hotel room taxes,” she said.

This is the latest effort under the “Voy Turisteando” brand, which has included a year’s worth of events including fairs, beach events, and Christmas parties in several towns.

The promotional platform seeks to educate, inspire and encourage island residents to visit, enjoy, stay and consume the tourist Puerto Rico offers as a destination, she said. 

“Our residents are a key driver for the development of the visitor’s economy. During the summer months, the local market represents up to 40 percent of the total number of hotel rooms,” she said 

The campaign features the island’s 78 municipalities in a series of post cards that will celebrate an iconic place in each town and in turn inform tourists about the main places and activities of interest. The effort also included updating the VoyTuristeando.com website to include more information about the featured experiences.

“We have worked an inclusive, collaborative and authentic campaign, which is designed to highlight the tourist offer of each of Puerto Rico’s 78 towns,” said Imaris Arocho, director of promotion and marketing at the Tourism Co. “We want to make ‘Voy Turisteando’ not just a movement, but a lifestyle.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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