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Evertec expands payment solutions platform in P.R.

Evertec continues to expand its payment solutions platform, launching two new products — Pvot by evertec and Pay at the Table — that make it easier for merchants to accept and process payments and manage their operations in a more efficient and integrated manner.

“During the past five years, electronic transactions have increased exponentially both in number and complexity. Keeping up with this trend, we seek to provide businesses with solutions that allow them to more efficiently manage the growing complexity of their business processes offering their customer purchasing and digital payment experiences that are both seamless and convenient,” said Guillermo Rospigliosi, executive vice president of product, marketing and innovation.

“Evertec takes care of the entire process of accepting and managing payments so that the merchants can focus on their main objective, which is to sell their products and services to continue growing their businesses,” he said explained

Pvot is a cloud-based point-of-sale system, which integrates all the necessary functionalities to accept and process payments, in addition to the key business management tools in a single system. Pvot helps manage the critical activities of a business’ daily operation, such as:

  • Inventory management;
  • Administration of customer databases;
  • Business intelligence tools;
  • Employee management and access;
  • Real-time sales, products and payments reports; and,
  • Administrative portal that is accessible from any device connected to the internet.

Pvot can process payments in cash, ATH, credit and debit cards, EMV/Chip and government assistance cards.

As part of its pilot program, Pvot is already in use at about 20 merchants around the island. One of the businesses that participated in this pilot program is Crescendo, a music academy and store.

“Pvot has been an excellent option for our store, due to the ease of use, speed and convenience of its administration portal, which has allowed me to speed up my payment process, and therefore offer a better service to my customers,” said Jorge Marquez, Crescendo owner.

Meanwhile, Pay at the Table is a complete solution that allows customers at a restaurant to pay their bills directly at their table. Specifically, it allows waiters to access a specific table’s account from a wireless POS that is integrated with the business’ entire payment management system.

The POS communicates directly with the cash register and allows the user to view the amount due, split payments and close the account. This offers multiple benefits for the restaurant industry, such as:

  • Integration of the POS with the back-office system and inventory management;
  • Faster closing of tables and less fraud occurrence; and,
  • Consolidated end of day closing reports with a direct connection to Evertec for greater information security.

“We continue developing and offering solutions that benefit different types of industries.  In this case, Pay at the Table offers a better solution for the dinning services industry, that can increase profitability by speeding up the payment process and increasing the number of the tables that can be served, in addition to streamlining the manual payment reconciliation process,” said Michael Colón, product manager for merchant services at Evertec.

During the last two years, Evertec has focused on the development of new payment solutions that bring efficiency to the business sector and, at the same time, offers increased convenience for the end consumer.

Pvot and Pay at the Table are now part of Evertec’s growing portfolio of electronic payment solutions that serve thousands of businesses in Puerto Rico and Latin America.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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