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Piloto 151 opening 4th location next month in Santurce

A year since its most recent expansion in the financial district, coworking space pioneer Piloto 151, announced the upcoming opening of its fourth location and its second space in the heart of Santurce.

Piloto 151 will add an additional 15,000 square feet to its footprint for a total of approximately 50,000 square feet of managed commercial real estate between its locations in Old San Juan, Milla de Oro and Santurce.

The coworking firm will open the new location in the San José Tower building, joining its fellow entrepreneurship ecosystem player, Parallel18, said Sofia Stolberg, CEO of Piloto 151.

“We’re constantly innovating at Piloto. Just as we did with our suites concept which opened two years ago and disrupted the coworking market at the time, we have now created a completely new and exciting concept that did not previously exist,” she said.

“We realized that there was a gap in the market for entrepreneurs and professionals that couldn’t work in open spaces due to the nature of their businesses, but who didn’t have the employees or revenues to justify a larger office,” she added.

The new space is designed with that entrepreneur in mind and features smaller offices from one, two, three and a maximum of four people per office.

“At the same time, we also created plenty of open and green spaces to continue creating community building opportunities, including a large outdoor terrace overlooking the iconic Museum of Contemporary Art where we will host entrepreneurial events,” said Stolberg.

Juan Carlos Stolberg, co-founder of Piloto 151, said, “with the launch of each new location we create more value for Piloto members and for our community.”

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to make life easier for our members so that they, in turn, can focus on growing their businesses and contributing to the island’s economic development,” he added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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