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Prep App matches food & beverage businesses with job candidates

Responding to the demand for workers in Puerto Rico’s food and beverage industry, a duo of Puerto Rican entrepreneurs recently launched Prep App, a platform designed to connect candidates with local businesses looking for employees.

Focused on “transforming the way businesses and candidates connect,” Prep App anticipates creating more than 100 jobs in its first year and creating a community centered around collective welfare.

Naomi Cáceres and Yuiza Avilés, the app’s creators, are out to create a community that offers tools and resources to help users succeed in their career path. To use the platform, individuals must create a profile and swipe through other profiles aligning with their preferences. Once a match is made, it initiates a chat where both parties can discuss interview arrangements or further recruitment steps.

The platform seeks to “reinvent the way teams are built, how united communities are built, drive professional growth, and achieve a social and economic impact on the island,” the entrepreneurs said.

“We believe in the power to be a game-changer and continue to make a positive impact in our industry with the Prep App, which helps both businessowners and employees in the recruiting process. We’re excited to launch this product to help hundreds of employers quickly find qualified candidates and industry professionals to access job opportunities from the palm of their hand,” Cáceres said.

Among the most affected by the pandemic in Puerto Rico was the food and beverage sector, one of the pillars of the local economy, and it continues to face challenges, mostly due to a shortage of employees.

“Today, we’re really excited to present this platform that represents our commitment to the industry. We’re convinced that this platform is a tool of immense benefit for the sector,” Cáceres said.

“By joining all industry workers, as well as owners of restaurants and bars, we will accompany and support each other on this much-needed path of transformation. As a community we can achieve great changes and take our industry to the next level,” she added.


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