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CUD presidential aspirant urges lawmakers to scale back

Irving Riquel-Torres

Irving Riquel-Torres

The Puerto Rico Legislature should seek to reduce the increasing load of regulatory, administrative and tax obligations thrust on the island’s small business sector, urged a candidate to the presidency of the United Retailers Association (CUD, as the trade group is known by its initials in Spanish).

Irving Riquel-Torres, president of the Administrative Environmental and Sports Consultant, Corp. urged legislators who are about to take their summer recess to seek strategies aimed at helping micro, small and medium-sized companies (known as PyMES).

Noting that PyMES make up 95 percent of all private businesses in Puerto Rico giving them a strategic role in the island’s economy, Riquel said “it is not viable that at this stage (legislative,) bills that negatively impact our businesses are being considered. Even more so when these bills are in conflict with the government’s assumed public policy of promoting economic activity, reducing procedures, simplifying processes and improving the competitive standing of local businesses.”

Riquel is one of two candidates running for president of CUD, the influential organization that represents the island’s retail sector. The organization’s upcoming convention kicks off at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in Miramar on July 29.

“Divided and without total support of a government that values what we contribute to the economy, we will be doomed in facing an ever more difficult scenario,” he said.

As president, Riquel said he would emphasize services and work to identify the most important needs of CUD members with an emphasis on setting up a multi-sectorial plan to unite PyMES as one voice in defending their interests.


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