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PRiMEX launches program on smart manufacturing

Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension (PRiMEX) recently launched the smart manufacturing program during a virtual workshop to help “guide and educate” members of the industry in ongoing improvement and competitiveness.

Smart manufacturing is the concept of integrating physical and digital processes in manufacturing companies and other supply chain functions to optimize current and future supply and demand requirements.

“This is achieved by transforming and improving the ways in which people, processes and technology operate to provide the critical information necessary to impact the quality, efficiency, cost and agility of decisions,” said PRiMEX Executive Director Ramón Vega.

More events are planned to discuss aspects of the topic:  a business continuity plan webinar June 19 at 10 a.m. To register, click here; and the fourth edition of the Smart Talent Academy that kicks off June 3 at 1 p.m. There are 20 spaces available for companies. To register, click here.

Smart manufacturing is a technology-driven approach that uses internet-connected systems to monitor operations and machines to identify opportunities to improve manufacturing performance using data analytics.

Some of the Industry 4.0 technologies are: cybersecurity, cloud computing, systems integration, internet of things, big data and analytics, additive manufacturing, collaborative robotics, simulation, and augmented/virtual reality.

As part of the benefits of integrating smart manufacturing are: more efficient production with detailed and real-time information on all facets of the operation; total visibility and increased productivity; achieves automation and quality control; reduction in operational cost per time spent on manual tasks; improvement in productivity and staff retention; reduction in delivery time; traceability and monitoring of materials throughout supply chains; and ongoing monitoring of key performance indicators.

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Author Details
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