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Puerto Rican agencies launch SPYN.LIVE, a virtual concert platform

DDB Latina Puerto Rico and Buena Vibra Group announce the creation of the SPYN.LIVE platform, a digital tool that will change the entertainment industry.

SPYN.LIVE will allow the consumer to live the experience of a virtual concert that will feature the traditional elements of face-to-face shows such as lights, screens, pyrotechnics, dancers and musicians, among others.

In addition, it will have the opportunity to integrate “augmented reality”. This platform will allow the public to virtually return to the island’s main stages despite the COVID-19 pandemic, company executives said.

The creative and technological teams of DDB Latina Puerto Rico were focused on developing a platform that was different from what we’re used to and strived to provide the consumer with an innovative experience, agency executives added.

SPYN.LIVE is born through a collaborative effort with Buena Vibra Group to raise the level of virtual entertainment productions which will be available in Puerto Rico as well as in the US mainland and Latin America.

“We know that the launch of SPYN.LIVE is the beginning of a process of innovation within the entertainment industry,” said Edgardo Rivera, CEO of DDB Latina Puerto Rico.

“Among the tools that the platform has, it will allow subscribers to interact with artists, it will give the possibility of immersive efforts with augmented reality, in addition to having exclusive content and special offers,” he said.

The Buena Vibra Group team responsible for recent concerts by Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Tommy Torres and Kany García will be responsible for producing the events and content development.

“It’s time to upgrade the virtual presentations we’ve seen so far. The public is eager to enjoy a concert that lives up to what we’re used to and want to be able to see their favorite artists,” said Max Pérez, founding partner of Buena Vibra Group. “The events we’ll be holding will be much more than an online concert, our subscribers will have an experience.”

There are already several local and international artists coordinating presentations through the platform. SPYN.LIVE will feature some events with free access and, to protect artist rights, some events will require ticket purchases. The platform will also give users the opportunity to purchase merchandice.

In addition, entrepreneurs and professional associations can also use the platform to organize conventions, assemblies, among other events, that will allow them to achieve greater recognition for their brands and products.

SPYN.LIVE will give them the opportunity to connect with new business allies and consumers, the executives said.

Through SPYN.LIVE the public will be able to have the experience closest to what they experience in a face-to-face event. Unlike the live broadcasts that have taken place so far, in this platform they will enjoy events with high production values, unique concepts and the latest in music and staging.

SPYN.LIVE has created an alliance with ASM Global, the company that manages the Puerto Rico Coliseum, the Convention Center and the Coca-Cola Music Hall, to assist with the production of events on the island. Additionally, talks are already underway with other venues in Latin America.

“These concerts and virtual events are a natural step in the innovation we have adopted to temper our operations to the situation we are going through,” said Jorge Pérez, a spokesman of ASM Global in Puerto Rico.

“They’re also an opportunity to start reactivating workers in this industry and to implement the cleaning and security measures that will eventually be used once we have government authorization to hold face-to-face events,” he said.

“We know that this alliance will produce high quality content and that the platform will open the door for other producers and entities, apart from music, to begin to reformulate their events and meet their business objectives,” Pérez added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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