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Puerto Rico drivers can transfer vehicles through CESCO Digital app

Puerto Rico drivers now have access to expanded services available through the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP, in Spanish) CESCO Digital mobile app, which now allows for transferring the ownership of vehicles, agency Secretary Eileen Vega announced.

The app, which already allows users to access a digital version of their driver’s license and other vehicle-related data, was expanded “to dramatically reduce the time it normally takes to carry out paperwork in the offices through an easy and fast process. Soon, we’ll be integrating all services to the digital platform,” said Enrique Völckers-Nin, chief executive of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS).

To complete the vehicle transfer through CESCO Digital, the vehicles must be privately owned, cannot have liens or pending toll fees, and must be paid off, said DTOP Secretary Eileen Vélez-Vega.

The seller must have an original of the vehicle’s title, and the vehicle must not have been registered before July 11, 1987. The parties must be at least 21 years-old to complete the transaction on the app, she said.

“We continue to provide new tools for our users. With these innovations we’re taking major steps for the benefit of all those interested in performing transactions in our CESCOs,” Vélez-Vega said.

“This is yet another achievement through which drivers have at their fingertips a range of available services that they can perform without having to go to a CESCO,” she said.

The CESCO Digital app was launched in June 2018, as News is my Business reported.

So far, the platform has signed up 1.33 million users, who have paid 624,000 fines through the app. Users have renewed 22,075 licenses and IDs, generating $1.5 million for the government. In general, the government has shored up $59.8 million through digital transactions, Vélez-Vega said.

Meanwhile, Völckers-Nin said the benefit has not only been for the government, but for users as well who have “saved about 176,592 hours of their time, which they haven’t had to spend on in-person transactions. We’re working tirelessly to bring all driver service alternatives to the palm of their hand. Our emphasis is to provide efficient agile services focused on the driver’s time, not on the government’s time.”

The app has also been expanded to allow users to change the address on their driver’s license with the option of receiving it by mail or at one of the CESCO offices. The options will be available also for people who renew their licenses online.

For this service, the user will need a current invoice from the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority to validate their address. In this first phase, only people whose invoices are in their name will be able to change the address, and the user will not be able to make more than one change of address per month.

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Author Details
Yamilet Aponte-Claudio was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She graduated from Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Providencia and is currently a junior at Sacred Heart University. Majoring in Journalism and adding a minor in sustainable development and foreign languages, she aspires to study law after obtaining her bachelor’s degree.

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