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Puerto Rico Electronic Commerce Association born to strengthen sector

The Puerto Rico Electronic Commerce Association (ACEPR, in Spanish) has been launched to bring visibility and educate in all areas related to the development of e-commerce.

“We believe that e-commerce education is a fundamental basis for Puerto Rico’s economic development and through the Puerto Rico Electronic Commerce Association we will be contributing on this front,” said Guarien Taveras, president of ACEPR and Brands of Americas.

“It’s our responsibility to provide the necessary support and mentoring to entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses that are considering integrating e-commerce into their respective business strategies,” said Taveras.

ACEPR was founded by emerging companies, startups and leaders of the local technology ecosystem, namely Uva!, PRoduce, Permisos SOS, ED Digital, Brands of Américas and the Puerto Rico E-fulfillment Center.

ACEPR’s mission is to unify the community that participates in the electronic commerce industry to strengthen it through three pillars: education on the benefits of e-commerce in local companies, data collection from companies participating in e-commerce and their suppliers, and promoting networking events to encourage collaboration, organizers said.

“This launch is just the beginning with a small group representing local e-commerce,” said Andrés Álvarez, director of the ACEPR Membership and Participation Committee.

“We know that there are many more players, and our goal is to unite, share experiences and grow together,” said Álvarez.

The association comprises work committees that focus on the generation and collection of data and reports, advocacy efforts in favor of the sector and a calendar of activities that present added value to members such as mentorships, workshops, and exclusive offers.

“Electronic commerce is one of the fastest growing markets globally and as a sector we have an unprecedented opportunity to establish collaborations that insert our businesses in that global market,” said Edgar Gómez, executive director of the ACEPR.

“In addition, one of the most important characteristics of this market is its composition, where the interconnection of the different actors generates economic growth for all,” said Gómez.

Companies or individuals interested in joining ACEPR can visit the organization’s website to register or see more information about the committees, mission, and committees.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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