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Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics opens call for paid internship

The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics announced that during the next two weeks — and while the available spaces are filled — it has opened a call for paid internships for graduate students of statistics, mathematics, computer science or in any other area based on statistics.

This also includes economics, planning, demography, epidemiology, biostatistics, criminology, sociology, public policy, public administration, business administration or other related specialties, the agency announced.

The opportunity is open to undergraduate students from any of the mentioned disciplines. Candidates must be graduating in the same academic year in which they participate in the program.

“We’re pleased to offer this opportunity to graduate students, or undergraduate candidates for graduation, as they will not only gain experience, but also help them prepare for the professional field of work,” said Orville M. Disdier, executive director of the Institute of Statistics.

“In the same way, it’s always good to interact with the new generations that have much to contribute, particularly in one of the areas of greatest development in Puerto Rico, such as statistics,” said Disdier.

Those selected will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with Institute professionals who have wide-ranging experience in the fields of economics, epidemiology, education, demography, statistics, programming and administration, among others.

Disdier added that the agency is interested in identifying candidates with knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Microsoft Power BI, SQL and Python, among others.

The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics’ internship program was created to promote the professional development of undergraduate and graduate students in local and stateside colleges, enrolled in programs of statistics or related sciences.

Those selected will receive support from the Institute’s staff in the projects that they carry out according to the area to which they are assigned, to allow them to apply their knowledge in a professional environment, Disdier said.

Those interested must complete an application that will also outline the requirements and documents. 

Once the application is completed, it must be e-mailed along with the documents. The agency will evaluate them and will send a formal notification of its decision to the applicants.


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