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Puerto Rico organizations taking center stage during ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week’

The Kauffman Foundation’s “Global Entrepreneurship Week” will be celebrated globally Nov. 16-22 and this year will include local nonprofits that will co-host the event in Puerto Rico, organizers confirmed.

Colmena66, a program of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust, Grupo Guayacán and YEES! are leading local efforts, holding bi-weekly multi-sector meetings over the past few months to integrate “the greatest representation in events and organizations from all demographic groups, sectors, industries, stages and communities of the local business ecosystem.”

Global Entrepreneurship Week brings together 180 countries, 9 million attendees and 40,000 entrepreneurship-related events, from competitions, formal and virtual activities, to networking, mentoring, panels, and webinars.

More than 60 Puerto Rico-based organizations have prepared a range of activities for entrepreneurs focusing on themes including education, business ecosystems, inclusion, business resilience and public policy, organizers said.

There are activities dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and an educational program has been developed for young people, university students, women entrepreneurs, the LGBTTQ+ community, Afro-Puerto Rican businesses, cooperatives, community-based entrepreneurs, technology entrepreneurs, growing entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs seeking financing, entrepreneurs in tourism, entrepreneurs in the blue industry, teachers, business coaches and public policy makers, among others.

“We believe that diversity is fundamental to drive innovation and expand the base of people who actively contribute to the socioeconomic development of Puerto Rico,” said Denisse Rodríguez-Colón, executive director of Colmena66.

“As ecosystem builders, we have the responsibility and we have taken on the task of identifying and inviting as many programs and organizations as possible to participate in this week, creating valuable content for all types of businesses at all stages of growth, industry, demographics, etc. We’re here to remove barriers and provide visibility,” she said.

Colmena 66 was launched on the eve of “Global Entrepreneurship Week” four years ago, committed to the development of Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs and connecting them, free of charge, with the resources they need to start or grow their businesses.

“We envision a Puerto Rico with a sustainable economic model where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and thus contribute to the development of their communities. Global Entrepreneurship Week is an ideal opportunity to join efforts and focus on achieving an inclusive, diverse and accessible ecosystem that provides the knowledge and tools our entrepreneurs need to grow,” said Katerina Sánchez-Roig, program director of Grupo Guayacán, which is supporting the initiative.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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