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Puerto Rico Products Assoc. unveils new image in line with new business climate

After more than 50 years of operation as the Puerto Rico Products Association, the trade group has shed that name to adopt a new sleeker institutional identity — Asociación Hecho en Puerto Rico, to continue promoting products and services made in Puerto Rico.

The Made in Puerto Rico Association’s new image responds to a shift in the composition of Puerto Rico’s business community, as well as of its former mission to protect the island’s manufacturing sector, Association President Aysha Issa said during a virtual news conference.

Today, the Association’s 400-strong membership enrollment is a reflection of the island’s diverse economy, which includes all productive sectors of Puerto Rican industries such as service, agriculture, and technology, among others, she said.

“The transformation responds to a new reality in Puerto Rico’s business composition. Currently, our membership is made up of 50% service entrepreneurs and 50% manufacturing companies, so we had a great opportunity to embrace the inclusion of our organization and bring together under the same name everyone who represents what it is to be Made in Puerto Rico,” Issa said.

“We want to invite and recognize the substantial contribution to Puerto Rico’s economy of a new generation of entrepreneurs, who need an organization that identifies them and provides them with development opportunities,” said Issa.

The organization invested about $27,000 in the new image and logo that modernizes the familiar mechanical wheel that Made in Puerto Rico used for decades. Members use it to certify that their product or service is made in Puerto Rico.

“It was a priority for everyone to give prominence to both the organization and the seal that certifies products made in Puerto Rico, which is one of the benefits that our partners enjoy the most when identifying their products,” said Viviana Mercado, vice chair of the Made in Puerto Rico Association board.

The trade group will give members using the former logo on their packaging a year to migrate to the new design, Issa said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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