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Puerto Rico Tourism Co. launches $800K ‘Isla Aventura’ campaign

Looking to maximize and give continuity to the marketing strategies outlined to promote domestic tourism, the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. kicked-off its new promotional efforts with the launch of its new “Voy Turisteando: Isla Aventura” campaign.

The $800,000 campaign focuses on showing ‘what to do’ in Puerto Rico and seeks to motivate local tourists to enjoy the experiences that can be found while touring the island.

“We intend to emphasize the great variety of natural attractions, experiences and tourist offers that can be found throughout the entire Island, to promote tourism development and the economy of the 78 municipalities,” said Tourism Co. Executive Director Carlos Mercado, during the campaign’s presentation in San Juan.

“We’re sure that the launch of this campaign will be a main tool to strengthen and reposition our internal tourism brand ‘Voy Turisteando,’ and that it will serve to inject a new life into our tourism industry,” he said.

Last year, the central government assigned $120 million from the American Rescue Plan to strengthen internal and external tourism promotional efforts for Puerto Rico.

The Tourism Co.’s initiative seeks to position Puerto Rico as the “best and largest theme park in the Americas” by featuring beaches, forests, and rivers. The effort will also give equal time to the island’s gastronomy and the distinctive specialties from each region, and Puerto Rico’s cultural wealth. Adventures such as snorkeling, kayaking, ziplining, hiking, horse racing, water parks, among others, are also part of the campaign.

The $800,000 will be invested in digital and traditional media outlets. The agency’s VoyTuristeando.com website will integrate an interactive map of the campaign’s attractions.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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