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Rincón Beach Resort reopens after recovering from Hurricane María

The Rincón Beach Resort

The Mediterranean-style beachfront Rincón Beach Resort property in Rincón has resumed operations, after recovering from the interruption Hurricane María caused as it ripped through Puerto Rico last September.

The resort’s general manager, Zashim De La Cruz, said the hotel has basic services available for guests.

“Puerto Rico now more than ever needs to have a robust hotel industry working hard to encourage tourism,” he said.

“So we opened our doors to help the island’s economy and attract domestic tourism. We’re committed to our island and we remain positive to recover our visitors’ trust,” he said. “We appreciate the help and cooperation of employees in restoring operations. “

The property’s management also acknowledged the needs of local residents, who now seek an oasis to recharge batteries with the conveniences they may still be lacking in their homes, such as water and electricity.

The Rincón Beach Resort is “the ideal place to escape to a corner of our beautiful island to take a short break and return to fight for the Puerto Rico we all want,” De La Cruz said.

The 112-room property includes 24 condo-villas is ready to receive guests, especially those who head to Rincón to surf during the peak months from November to March.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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