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Statistics Institute offers free workshops on software, census data

The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics has announced the start of preregistration for its free workshops and webinars.

The nine workshops with 16 sessions and three webinars seek to facilitate solutions in the access, management and analysis of government statistical data and are to be led by specialists.  

The chosen asynchronous online format provides the opportunity for government officials and the general public to participate at the time of their choosing. 

Likewise, multiple sessions are included, which allows participants the flexibility to enroll on the dates most convenient to them.  

Some of the platforms that are to be explained at the webinars include statistical analysis software R, Basic R, RStudio, TidyCensus and Tableau Public. 

Most of the platforms are free of charge, analyze statistics and access U.S. Census Bureau data, such as the Census, Population Estimates and Community Survey.

Among the Census Bureau resources that will be discussed are population and housing data, as well as access to microdata from the Community Survey and QGIS to analyze data by geographic regions.

Some of the Statistics Institute resources that will be used include the Index and cost-of-living calculator and the Violent Death Surveillance System in Puerto Rico.

The webinars will be live sessions, in which participants can connect online to a platform where they can see and listen to the speaker and ask questions once the session ends.

The topics of the three webinars – which have a capacity of 1,000 participants each – are:

  • Dominican population in Puerto Rico and its contrasts with the Puerto Rican population, 2015-2019: exposure to the microdata archives of the U.S. Census Bureau and example of its application for the study of the sociodemographic profile of the Dominican population residing in Puerto Rico.
  • U.S. Census Bureau Geographic Delimitations: guidance on the various geographic levels used by the U.S. Census Bureau for the presentation of its data.
  • Violence and femicide in Puerto Rico – concepts and statistics: aimed at guiding participants on the importance of statistics on gender violence and femicides from a health approach.

The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics is a government entity of the executive branch, with fiscal and administrative autonomy, whose main purpose is to ensure that the island has complete, reliable statistics and quick and universal access.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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