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Walmart Puerto Rico adds 50+ new local suppliers to its roster

As a result of the fifth edition of the “Open Call PR” program, Puerto Rico’s Walmart and Sam’s Club stores will add a variety of products harvested, manufactured, prepared, or distributed locally by more than 50 companies recently added to the retailer’s roster of suppliers.

The new businesses include companies led by women, young and senior entrepreneurs, and businesses with innovations within their product catalog, said Viviana Mercado, senior manager of Corporate Affairs at Walmart Puerto Rico.

“The success of the 2022 Open Call not only helped us exceed the goal of increasing the purchase of local products by $60 million, but also allowed us to establish the new goal of replacing 10% of our imports with products made in Puerto Rico. With 30 years on the island, we continue to reaffirm our commitment to the local industry,” said Mercado.

Among the suppliers that established or expanded their business relationship with Walmart after this edition of Open Call PR are those that offer merchandise in the categories of frozen products, fruits and vegetables, cars, seasonal items, meats, deli, pets, jewelry, books, and magazines. In addition, suppliers for the areas related to food items, liquor, gardening, paint, health, and beauty were added, she said.

“Promoting the growth of local entrepreneurs fills us with pride and satisfaction, because, at the same time that we serve as an economic propulsion engine to generate employment, we offer our customers products made in Puerto Rico,” Mercado said.

Through the four previous editions of the program, Walmart Puerto Rico opened the doors to more than 300 new local suppliers, some of which are exporting part of their production to the chain’s stores in the US mainland.

“At Walmart, we continue to focus on acquiring more products from the island, since the growth of local businesses has a multiplier effect on the economic development of Puerto Rico,” said Jennifer Garland, senior director of Walmart Puerto Rico.

“In the process of becoming our suppliers, we take them by the hand and support them through mentoring and guidance so that their offers are attractive and aligned with the chain’s requirements,” Garland said.

“To promote local products in our shelves, we identify them with the exclusive seal of the chain ‘Hecho Aquí para ti’ and we promote them in the different communication channels of the brand,” she added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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