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Weekend Wheels: 1st-ever Toyota Corolla hybrid model is both stylish and sassy

The Toyota Corolla, one of the automaker’s most iconic and enduring models, has made an unforgettable entrance in 2020 with a reimagined and reconfigured design that combines style and sass — offering something for everyone.

During a recent weekend, this media outlet had the opportunity to test drive the Corolla XSE hybrid model — the first of its kind for the automaker — confirming without a doubt why the company has sold more than 46 million units worldwide.

The 12th edition of the Toyota Corolla, available in sedan — the most sold globally — and the hybrid sedan, the one News is my Business tested, is based on Toyota’s new global architecture (TNGA) that groups new approaches to engineering, design, assembly and materials. Now there is really a Corolla for each person.

The bold new image of the Corolla sedan is a perfect reflection of the transformation that has taken place, from bumper to bumper and from the wheels to the roof. The TNGA platform involves an engine that produces more power than its predecessor and offers greater efficiency in fuel consumption.

The Corolla 2020 engine generates 169 horsepower and is accompanied by a transmission with Dymanic Shift that combines the rapid reaction of a fixed gear with the efficiency of a Continuously Variable Transmission.

All versions of the Corolla 2020 have better estimates of fuel efficiency compared to the previous generation.

The hybrid motor and driving system result in a fuel-efficient vehicle that zips along all types of roads, while offering the highest estimate of miles per gallon among all vehicles in its category. A 200-mile roadtrip along Puerto Rico’s highways and city roads consumed less than ¼ of a tank.

“The 2020 Corolla hybrid not only has it all, but now has higher performance per gallon of fuel. Its hybrid technology, which offers a performance of up to 52 miles per gallon, allows the driver to go further and drive for longer,” said Maribel Bengoa, Toyota marketing manager for Puerto Rico. “This is the first hybrid Corolla in history, and is also the one that takes you further without the need to go through the gas station so many times.”

And who said driving a hybrid can’t be fun? Pressing the hybrid drive button unleashes additional power to the vehicle and excitement behind the wheel. The hybrid engine is 1.8 liters and 4 cylinders of aluminum DOHC that has 16 valves as part of the Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence System (VVT-i) and 121 horsepower. For additional fun, it has EV/ECO modes for greater handling power.

The Corolla hybrid 2020 has an imposing presence, featuring a lower, wider and more aggressive front-end, and a new aerodynamic design that reflects improvement in control and handling while keeping its commitment to durability and safety intact.

In short, the vehicle pairs the efficiencies of a hybrid, paired with a striking exterior and a smart and roomy interior that offers comfort to all passengers.

The Corolla 2020 hybrid is available at Toyota de Puerto Rico dealers, with a pricetag starting at $26,495.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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  1. RC Helicopter November 17, 2019

    awesome car, i am always Toyota fans. . all of Toyota’s cars are my favorite, but i like this car more than other cars.


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