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Guayacán opens application process for advanced workshop program

Venture capital fund Grupo Guayacán Inc. announced Monday the second edition of the Guayacán Venture Accelerator program, offering 10 local companies the opportunity to explore ways to grow their operations through an advanced course of study.

The curriculum offering is designed as weekend workshops, delivered from June to August 2011, through which selected companies will get a chance to participate in advanced-education workshops, as well as obtain feedback and mentoring from professionals, investors and academicians.
“The GVA Program is the nearest thing to a custom made MBA for practicing entrepreneurs,” said program graduate Jorge Nazario, CEO of Computer Expert Group Inc.
The 10 Puerto Rico-based companies will be chosen upon determining that they have “outgrown the startup stage, and that are led by outstanding teams of entrepreneurs in the pursuit of growth opportunities and scalability.”
Grupo Guayacán has designed the program to bring to Puerto Rico world-class lecturers and mentors from leading business schools, such as Stanford and London Business School, among others. The class topics guide the participants through an introspective process where they are able to identify growth opportunities within their companies; learn financial management strategies and receive investor presentation advise.
Applicants must follow a submission process and complete it online before May 9, Guayacán officials said. Information can be found at GVA. Selected companies will be required to cover 30 percent of the tuition costs, or $2,500.
“The program has been created to fulfill the needs of local practicing entrepreneurs who lead high growth potential ventures, but cannot send part of their team abroad to prepare for such a leap,” said Eva Vázquez, senior manager of GGI. “Supporting new venture creation, and furthering the development of local companies with high growth potential is not only important, but crucial for Puerto Rico´s economic future.”
The GVA program is sponsored by several local firms — including Scherrer Hernandez & Co. and Ferraiouli LLC — as well as with the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company.

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