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27 entities to compete for $285K in Grupo Guayacán’s EnterPRize funds

The 17th edition of the EnterPRize Business Competition, which offers more than $285,000 in prizes, has drawn 27 local businesses from several industries in Puerto Rico to participate, Grupo Guayacán announced.

The competition will extend into November, when participants will be expected to present their business growth plans and attempt to sway the jury responsible for awarding the competition’s main prizes of $25,000, $15,000, and $10,000, as well as 13 additional special prizes amounting to $285,000 in seed capital from Grupo Guayacán.

In addition, companies also compete for a series of in-kind prices totaling an extra $258,500. Each participating company will receive a cash grant of $1,300 at the beginning of the program.

“The responses to the open call this year exceeded our expectations, confirming that there is talent and interest in Puerto Rico for developing and growing entrepreneurial projects,” said EnterPRize Program Manager Evy Collazo.

“We’re also incredibly proud of the fact that, out of the 27 enterprises selected, 16 were founded or co-founded by women. These are all Puerto Rican businesses that offer products and services in the local and international market,” she said.

Meanwhile, Grupo Guayacán Executive Director Laura Cantero noted the range of industries that can participate in the annual competition.

“We focus on recruiting emerging businesses based in Puerto Rico, with original projects across various industries, that have already taken their first steps and need to strengthen specific areas of their business in order to reach the next level,” she said.

“As we celebrate EnterPRize’s 17th edition, we are proud to serve businesses from industries such as agriculture, software development, educational and health services, as well as from the cultural sector, among others,” she said.

The 27 competing enterprises are:

  • Afro-Inspira: At the intersection of art, education, culture, and healing, they offer education and therapy through music and creative arts.
  • Allec: A centralized inventory management platform that helps enterprises become more efficient, lower costs, and increase sales.
  • Di Amalfi PR: A company dedicated to the production and sale of fresh pasta and other Italian products.
  • Fundación Génesis: A nonprofit organization that promotes a sustainable and restorative culture through collaboration, education, technology, and art.
  • Guariké: Provides agro-technological services for optimizing farm operations, establishing a bridge between agriculturists and technology.
  • Higuaca Adventours: Offers culturally immersive tourism experiences in all of Puerto Rico.
  • J’KOLORÉE: Design and creation of shoe accessories.
  • Katahdor: Local producer of fresh lamb meat.
  • la microFinca: Agro-ecological farm focused on the production of foods with high nutritional value.
  • Materia Madura: Development of sustainable waste-based materials for the creation of practical products.
  • Med-Fly: Vending machines for OTC drugs.
  • Meet Your Finance: A platform for educating young adults who lack access to financial education. It offers personal finance courses and lifetime access to its content.
  • Monte Azul Foundation: Empowers young adults and agriculturists from Puerto Rico to become leaders in the sustainable agriculture movement.
  • Mucho Gusto: Creates plant-based (vegan) and gluten-free ice cream and desserts inspired by tradition, wellbeing, and adventure.
  • Musarte School of Music: Provides music education services tailored to the client’s level, style, and rhythm.
  • Olga Iglesias Project: Their mission is to enrich and uplift the Puerto Rican community through the fine arts by featuring and supporting local classical vocalists with their scholarships program.
  • Parques Imaginarios: An immersive and educational experience for children of ages 3 to 12, providing unique content by incorporating the use of storybooks, interactive virtual technology, and experiences.
  • Piñacoladavisuals: Providers of innovative visual marketing for real estate and businesses.
  • Poltags: A user-friendly digital platform for monitoring, updating, and sharing vital health information that can help save lives in case of an emergency.
  • Psicoalternativas: An education company focused on topics related to diversity and social justice, integrating and merging expert resources and dynamic tools with scientific knowledge.
  • RED Atlas: A real estate search engine for emerging markets located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Reset Wellness: A multidisciplinary mental health and wellness clinic that provides quality long-term services to a community comprised primarily of women in Puerto Rico and abroad.
  • Ruta Artesanal Boricua: A nonprofit organization that fosters Puerto Rico’s artistic legacy through education and experiences.
  • STREAM Technologies: Offers technology courses on game development, robotics, and virtual reality for kids.
  • Tale Plus: A platform focused on offering speech-language pathology services.
  • WATRIC Energy Resources: A company developing novel and alternative water sources and an automated irrigation system for indoor plant owners.
  • ZURC Bräuhaus: A unique brand dedicated to bringing traditional and modern beer styles to the local craft beer scene.

This year, the competition’s institutional prize structure remains the same, with three main prizes offered by Grupo Guayacán, along with advertising space sponsored by bMedia Group. Thirteen special awards will also be granted.

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Author Details
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