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Bacardi shifts production in Cataño plant to make hand sanitizers

The Bacardi Corporation distillery in Cataño, where more than 80% of the company’s rums are produced, has partnered with Puerto Rico-based manufacturer Olein Refinery to provide raw materials that will enable the production of more than 1.7 million units of 10-ounce hand sanitizer products, the company announced.

More than 500,000 of the units produced in partnership with Bacardi will be donated to local communities. 

Earlier today, Bacardi began distribution of the free hand sanitizers, made with the ethanol provided by Bacardi distillery, along with disinfectants produced by Olein, to USPS workers, firefighters and police, the company announced.

The company plans to expand distribution next week to nonprofit organizations including the United Way. Bacardi employees and contractors also received the free product as the health and safety of people is always top of mind for the family-owned company.

“This is a family-owned business and we know what it means to take care of a community in need,” says José Class, vice president of supply chain and manufacturing, for Bacardi Latin America and the Caribbean. 

“In the 158 years of Bacardi, we’ve endured our share of challenging times and have learned that resilience, optimism and community are what will help us come out stronger,” he said.

The temporary shift in production began on Mar. 17 and will continue as needed. This emergency action will not disrupt the production or supply of BACARDÍ rum, the company said.

“We’re extremely grateful to Bacardi for adjusting its production to provide us with raw material so that we may ramp up production of the disinfectants we need to help keep the people of Puerto Rico safe,” says Jorge González, president of Olein Refinery.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


  1. Nitza March 20, 2020

    Hello hope everyone is doing well and safe I will like to know if you will be selling your product of hand sanitizer to the public I will love to buy some

  2. Ramon Ortiz March 20, 2020

    Bravo! Me hacen sentir orgulloso de ser un exempleado de Bacardi.

  3. ROSEMARIE ORTIZ March 20, 2020

    I admire you for standing up for yoyr community when they need it most. I tried to make sanitizer, i used fresh Aloe, fresh lemon juice and 151 proof, do you think it is a y good? We can’t find sanitizer here in Florida

    1. Ramon Ortiz March 22, 2020

      Hi. Think it is a good idea. 151 is 75.5% ethanol. But save some of the 151 for mixing.

  4. Gladys Santana March 21, 2020

    Soy persona de 70 años tengo diabetes tipo 2, alta presión, apnea del sueño y me gustaría poder comprar 6 botellas para mi uso hace 5 días agoté mi sanitizer que tenía ahorra solo dependo del jabón.
    Gracias anticipadas si me pueden ayudar

  5. Johnnathan Perez March 22, 2020


    Actualmente resido en la zona sureste del pais y contamos con escasos articulos de primera necesidad tales como el que ustedes recientemente elaboran para ayudar al pais durante la crisis que enfrentamos. Me encantaria informacion adicional con la intencion de ser parte de su equipo de disttribucion y mercadeo del producto. Quedamos al pendiente. Gracias! 7876076062 [email protected]

  6. Jennifer Ford March 24, 2020

    How can I get a shipment to Pennsylvania please

  7. Norma i Huertas March 24, 2020

    Quisiera saber cómo podría conseguir alcohol y hand sanitatizer para enviarle a mi mamá en N.J. pues la cuida mi hermana y no alcanzo a comprar ya que no la puede dejar sin atención. Gracias adelantadas.


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