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Bayer Crop Science Puerto Rico’s outreach programs beat participation goals in ‘22

Agricultural company Bayer Crop Science Puerto Rico has concluded its educational outreach programs “Grow and Learn” and “Sow” for 2022, registering double-digit percentage increases in participation compared to the programs’ enrollment projections.

The “Grow and Learn” program reached 515 students in 2022, 14% higher than its projected enrollment of 450 students for the year. The “Sow” program enrolled 345 participants this year, which is 15% higher than the original target of 300 program participants, company officials said.

The company will renew outreach efforts for both programs in 2023. It will extend its recruitment areas through its continued partnership with the Puerto Rico Office for Socioeconomic and Community Development (ODSEC, in Spanish).

“Cultivating an interest in agriculture can come as early as the school years by implementing programs like ‘Grow and Learn’ in schools throughout the island,” said Agronomist Marivier Rojas-López, program coordinator and Protected Culture Seed Production Agronomic Research Assistant at Bayer in Juana Díaz.

“We’re already reaping the results of this program, as more students take what they have learned to their families and help them create a healthier outlook towards their nutrition and overall well-being,” Rojas-López said.

“Throughout the year, we have seen a growing interest in agriculture as a way to empower families and communities to strengthen their food security,” said Agronomist Emmanuel Feliciano, “Sow” program coordinator and Protected Culture Agronomy Manager at Bayer Crop Science.

“We will definitely extend our program’s reach next year to bring agricultural skills to more communities throughout the island,” he said.

Thais Reyes, executive director of ODSEC, confirmed that the agency will continue its partnership with Bayer and is already seeking new participants and communities for the programs next year.

“We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Bayer and working with these programs, which have brought so many benefits to all impacted audiences,” she said.

“Grow and Learn” is Bayer Crop Science Puerto Rico’s educational program in agricultural sciences for children and youth. The program sponsors agriculture and sustainability activities in which students participate as part of their academic curriculum.

“Sow” is the company’s agricultural education program for adults. Its main goal is to provide basic agricultural knowledge with an entrepreneurial twist so that participants can produce part of the foods they bring to their tables, create their own businesses, or implement community agricultural programs.

Communities, schools, and organizations interested in participating the initiatives in 2023 may contact Bayer Crop Science through the company’s Facebook page.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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