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Creative agency Mamposteao takes its ‘mejunje creativo’ to Miami

Five years after offering its services to more than 100 Puerto Rican brands, creative agency Mamposteao is strengthening its presence in Puerto Rico and expanding its services to Miami, Florida.

“Puerto Rico is our base and continuing to contribute to strengthening our local economy is the engine that has led us to export our services to Florida,” said agency CEO Moisés Cruz-Báez. “The Latin market continues to grow in the United States, so doing business there was a natural step we had to take.

Mamposteao has been the mastermind behind the development of brand identity for projects such as El Mesón Sandwiches coffee, SANGRÍA Sabrina, Leonardo’s, Marey, Gerber, Quesos Vaca Negra, and Foundation for Puerto Rico, among others.

Currently, the agency is working on several projects on the island and is already bearing fruit in Miami with the development of a project for Wynwood Brewing Company, located in the popular Wynwood Arts District.

Cruz-Báez said Mamposteao’s business structure in Miami will be smaller since it will support operations in Puerto Rico.

“Five years ago, when this idea was born in the kitchen of my house, we started in Puerto Rico with a small operation. Nowadays, we have 12 employees and we are expanding our services,” he said.

“This is what we intend to do in Miami, where we are actively recruiting, and we hope to develop the team that will allow us to solidify our presence in the United States,” said Cruz-Báez.

Mamposteao’s “mejunje creative” arose while Cruz-Báez cooked at home and reflected on the work he was doing so far — he was cooking “mamposteao” rice.

In addition to being the founder and head of Mamposteao, Cruz-Báez a graphic designer and holds a master’s degree in Advertising from Sacred Heart University.

A Caguas native, he is keen on supporting emerging companies as well.

“Every year for our anniversary we launch a ‘banquetazo,’ when we select a company to support with the development of their brand image, for free,” he said. “Likewise, we are collaborating with Parallel 18 and Grupo Guayacán by supporting several startups with their companies’ brand identity.”

The fifth anniversary is coupled with the publication of a book, “Mamposteao,” which combines creativity with food, and seeks “to educate on how you can diversify and apply creativity to develop something as simple as a ‘mamposteao’ dish. Soon we will be offering more details about this project, which we hope will be an inspiration for artists and entrepreneurs,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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