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Creativity and tech are ‘key to present, future evolution’ of brands

The business world has evolved in such a way that, today, creativity and technology go hand in hand to achieve better results. These in turn bring innovative business solutions for clients.

Faced with this reality, the de la Cruz Ogilvy advertising firm presented “Creativity + Technology, a new revenue stream,” a forum aimed at giving a vision about the current performance of brands and how technology can change their positioning.

The presentation consisted of two talks that offered a vision on how the integration of the creativity and technology segments allows achieving a better reach and effectiveness to generate new sources of business and income.

Rafael Reina, CEO and Gabriel René Rodríguez, digital and technology director at de la Cruz, expanded upon the impact that the power of technology has to create disruptions in the traditional way industries execute.

It is these drastic changes that are leading to the discovery of new business opportunities, they said

“Technology is key in the present and future evolution of brands. Those who don’t invest in technology are destined to disappear. Many giants in various industries have learned this lesson in the most forceful way, such as those who did not believe in the power of streaming services,” said Reina.

“A great example is those who underestimated the capacity for disruption in the tourism industry,” he added.

New business opportunities based on technological development highlighted during the presentation include e-commerce, augmented and virtual reality, the metaverse, crypto and NFT’s (non-fungible token).

The forum also emphasized how the use of artificial intelligence is vital for brand creation based on the premise that today they satisfy a functional need but lack a brand purpose. This is contrary to those brands that change lives because they propose a different point of view, they said.

“The use of artificial intelligence is essential to change this positioning and begin to measure and optimize brands the same way campaigns are measured. It is vital to be able to activate and make brand love tangible,” said Álvaro Melendez, cofounder and CEO of CRANT, a company dedicated to the creative application of “machine learning”.

The trend of focusing exclusively on campaign performance is growing as digital platforms offer greater access to immediate metrics. This has led to a focus on the results of campaigns instead of working to create a brand with a point of view.

“It’s clear to see where the industry has been moving and the path it is traveling. Faced with this reality, our business model has been transformed into one that provides technological solutions to business needs that are not necessarily tied to communication,” said Carlos Thompson, president of de la Cruz Group.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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