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FirstBank employees volunteer to makeover La Perla

A dozen FirstBank volunteer employees worked alongside La Perla residents to revamp community properties.

For the past 68 years, FirstBank has been committed to helping and working actively with the communities it serves and with community revitalization needs.

Recently, through its Community Reinvestment Unit, it donated $10,000 to the Community Board for “La Perla Pinta su Futuro,” a collaborative effort between the private sector and citizens in general, which promotes the improvement of 375 exterior façades of homes and businesses in the San Juan neighborhood.

“Since the Community Board presented us with the initiative, we did not hesitate to be part of ‘La Perla Pinta su Futuro,’ recognizing the great value it would have for the community,” said Catherine Ríos, FirstBank’s community reinvestment officer.

“We extended our help with the participation of 12 volunteer employees who worked alongside the residents led by Pablo Marcano, a Puerto Rican artist, painting the façades of the Guaipao sector. We are witnessing the positive effect this initiative has had on each La Perla family,” she said.

The “La Perla Pinta su Futuro” project, in addition to revitalizing the community, seeks to promote the economic development of La Perla, with the creation of a community microenterprise to offer guided tours in the future.

“This is why we also made a commitment to offer to the Community Board through our Financial Education Program, education workshops on topics such as budget management, business plans, strategic planning and savings, among others,” said Ríos.

The Grant Program or Financial Education Program is open to local nonprofits and public schools.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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