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FOK brewery celebrates its 3rd anniversary

Its La Cervecería headquarters has turned into a cultural hub in Caguas.

When FOK beer was born, its creators did not imagine that 10 years later, their headquarters would become what they called the “most important venue” in the central-eastern region of Puerto Rico with La Cervecería, a space that receives more than 2,000 people and features the largest fixed stage in the area. 

FOK Brewing Co. has created approximately 20 direct jobs and more than 50 indirect jobs and spans 3,000 square feet of indoor space and 4,500 square feet outdoors.

“It has been a very positive evolution, since from the beginning we have been committed to supporting what is local, and the cultural and artistic scene are an important part of our socioeconomic development, but there were not enough alternatives here, and that’s when we arrived,” said María del Mar Ortiz, who, along with Ángel Serrano and Emanuel Ocasio, founded La Cervecería in Caguas.

La Cervecería features ample parking, a stage, bars and an outdoor area that can hold up to 2,500 people. It offers a more intimate artistic venue for those who find bars and restaurants too confining.

“Our stage has become the top choice for local artists who want to connect with their fans in a family-friendly environment,” Ortiz noted. “We have a varied gastronomic offering by chefs Ángel Serrano and Emanuel Ocasio, who make the experience incredibly delicious and, of course, our beers, which come in a variety of flavors.”

The venue has hosted such events as “Las SanSe en Caguas”; concerts; artist comebacks, including a recent one by Maelo Ruiz; festivals; and pet-friendly events. 

“Here there are nights of improvised comedy, salsa, reggae, rock … because we want to be a space that is for everyone and also be the main entertainment option in Caguas and the region,” Ortiz said.

Regarding this year’s projections for the venue, La Cervecería spokeswoman Andrea Colón said that if weather conditions “are on our side, we project an annual growth of 20% in sales.”

She also noted that the venue aims to expand its customer base and continue improving profitability through operational efficiencies, such as cost reduction and inventory management.

La Cervecería is considering opening branches in new strategic locations to enhance its presence in the island’s eastern region.

The founders’ goal is to establish “ourselves as leaders in our sector, diversify our experiences and services and make adjustments based on new market trends.”

Author Details
Author Details
Maria Miranda is an investigative reporter and editor with 20 years of experience in Puerto Rico’s English-language newspapers. In that capacity, she has worked on long-term projects and has covered breaking news under strict deadlines. She is proficient at mining data from public databases and interviewing people (both public figures and private sector individuals). She is also a translator, and has edited and translated an economy book on Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis. She worked as an interpreter for FEMA during the recent recovery efforts of Hurricane María and earned her FEMA badge.

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