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Fulcro announces merger with The Fiducial Adviser

Fulcro Fiducial begins offering comprehensive risk mitigation and financial planning services.

Fulcro Insurance, a Hispanic-owned brokerage firm with offices in Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia and the Dominican Republic, and The Fiducial Adviser, a Puerto Rican firm specializing in financial and investment management, have merged to become Fulcro Fiducial. This venture will provide both companies access to a comprehensive financial planning and risk management program, according to executives of both firms.

The agreement creates a portfolio of services under the Fulcro Fiducial name after several years of collaboration between the two firms, the executives noted.

“Fulcro Fiducial places us at the forefront of the financial sector in Puerto Rico, positioning us as pioneers in an integration that transcends conventionality, establishing new standards of synergy between risk management and financial advisory,” said Enrique Pérez-Blanco, chief growth and innovation officer.

He said the new entity combines decades of experience between the two firms to offer a portfolio of personalized services that unites financial planning and wealth management for individuals and businesses with risk management advice and insurance selection.

The customized strategies, he explained, enable their clients to navigate the complex world of finance and risk to achieve life goals, including capitalizing and protecting businesses and property, securing their children’s college education, and mitigating the impact of inflation on assets available for retirement.

Fulcro Fiducial’s services include creating plans to mitigate the tax impacts on its clients’ wealth, in addition to formulating strategies to manage the succession and sale of family businesses in a way that meets the expectations of their owners or shareholders.

The company’s suite of financial services is enhanced by Fulcro’s existing infrastructure, which includes ongoing investment in technology to improve the consumer experience and proven claims handling under adverse conditions, Pérez-Blanco said.

Daniel González-Maisonet, director of Fulcro Fiducial, said the services offered by the new entity are designed not only for high-net-worth individuals but also at a broader segment of the population that typically lacks access to large and multinational companies.

“We repeatedly saw many friends and family members struggling to find the help they needed to plan for their financial futures. With our understanding of personal finance and our background as financial professionals, we can help people better prepare for the future,” said González-Maisonet.

“The essence of our union lies in the mutual trust between Fulcro and Fiducial, a deep understanding of each other’s compliance requirements, and a shared commitment toward a cohesive vision that prioritizes comprehensive and sophisticated client service,” added Gonzalez-Maisonet, who is a financial planner and investment adviser.

“Fulcro perceives risk management not only in business terms but also in the personal realm of the business owner and his or her wealth,” the director said.

Fulcro Fiducial offers clients of their respective firms to receive the entire portfolio of services in what González-Maisonet called the four pillars of an individual, family or business financial plan: cash and debt management, investment management and planning, tax and financial management, and risk management and insurance planning.

Fulcro Fiducial services the first three pillars of a financial plan, while Fulcro Insurance covers the last one.

“Fulcro not only provides insurance, but also now partners with Fulcro Fiducial and its knowledgeable team to develop a comprehensive plan. This plan is designed with consideration of key aspects such as the tax situation, market conditions and the client’s financial position, always seeking the greatest benefit for the client,” González-Maisonet said. 

Executives from both companies confirmed the agreement complies with Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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