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Genera PR, Enactus Puerto Rico partner to foster energy leadership among students

The agreement looks to foster innovation and develop local talent through university partnerships.

In an effort to foster innovation and sustainable progress, Genera PR and Enactus Puerto Rico recently announced a collaborative agreement under the Genera Academy program. 

Genera PR offers energy solutions on the island. Its stated commitment is on sustainable development and innovation, and its Genera Academy provides corporate training and professional development, including partnerships with educational programs and support for entrepreneurs.

The initiative’s main objective is to help university students develop their talents and identify viable, innovative solutions that promote energy security and sustainable practices in the communities served by both organizations. It also aims to support the economic, social and environmental development of Puerto Rico.

Enactus Puerto Rico trains university students across various disciplines to address real-world challenges and meet the needs of vulnerable communities by collaborating with their leaders, academia and businesses to produce tangible results and promote sustainable development.

The nonprofit operates in 36 countries and said it has “managed to impact over 1.3 million lives,” and has been active in Puerto Rico for 16 years with more than 500 students in 26 universities.

“We are pleased to have formalized this agreement with Genera, which sets a new precedent in the development of leaders who will address the needs of the future of Puerto Rico that we all need in terms of technologies related to energy generation,” said Enactus Puerto Rico Chair Alberto Estrella. “Genera will contribute its expertise and human capital resources so that students can develop their skills and abilities for their professional development” and serve Puerto Rican communities.

The Genera Academy program is designed to prepare and retain local talent that will contribute to transforming the island’s energy system to provide reliable and affordable energy “to the entire population,” the news release reads.

“The objective of this alliance is to promote the development of entrepreneurial projects in the energy sector through the support and participation of students from the Enactus university network, in the 41 campuses that have participating students,” said Iván Báez, vice president of government affairs for Genera. “This opens up a range of creative possibilities to present new solutions to the island’s energy needs for a more sustainable and resilient future, while reaffirming our commitment to supporting local talent and transforming Puerto Rico’s generation system.”

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