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Google launches new ‘Google Mi Negocio’ app in P.R.

According to a recent study, eight out of 10 consumers access the internet to check commercial establishments and 65 percent of users go to Google on their smartphones to find alternatives.

With that in mind, Google has launched the Google Mi Negocio app, to offer an effective tool for small and medium businesses in Puerto Rico to keep their information current.

Two studies commissioned by Google and TNS —”The Connected Consumer,” Chile, Mexico and Argentina, dated August 2016, and “Micro-Moments in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru” — show that people use digital tools to navigate the world, especially as part of a shopping experience.

“For that reason, and our commitment to boost small and mid-sized businesses, we announced the launch of the new mobile application ‘Mi Negocio,’ which includes new features to help these businesses connect with their customers on their mobile phones,” Google said.

Google Mi Negocio will allow businesses to:

  • Follow their operation in real time: To know the total of views, searches and actions their business generates;
  • Interact with customers: Allows merchants to build and monitor their audience, offering them the possibility of chatting with them within the app; and,
  • Easily create content: Update photos, publications, products and services in one place.

The features will help businesses to respond to the demands of their consumers.

“In fact, businesses that use Google to stand out on the internet, are more attractive to consumers than those who do not. But standing out is only the first step, this content is also useful to drive sales,” Google stated.

The new application includes the best features of Google Mi Negocio to integrate it with new practical and simple functions that seek to help registered businesses continue to grow.

In Central America, for example, 95 percent of smartphones users always or almost always search the internet when they want to know about a topic, Google said, citing the “Micro-Moments IPSOS, Central America and the Caribbean Study, 2016” and its own internal data.

“This allows small and medium enterprises to keep their information current through their mobile phone to attract more consumers,” Google said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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