Liberty P.R. to increase rates on current plans effective Feb. 1

Liberty Puerto Rico will increase rates on current television and internet packages effective Feb. 1, the company announced in a notice sent to customers.

However, clients choosing to switch to new plans that Liberty began offering late last year will not experience rate changes for the rest of 2019.

“As part of our commitment to continue providing you with more value for your money, we have new plans for 2019 that we began offering on November 1, 2018,” said Liberty Puerto Rico President Naji Khoury, who signed the notification sent via email.

“These plans…have the highest internet speeds and the best price per mega in the market. We urge you to change to one of these new plans, as they are undoubtedly your best option, at a fixed price and without an increase in your bill for 2019,” he said.

Customers who choose to continue with their current plan will see the following monthly rate adjustments which Liberty said, “are due to the increased costs of our programming and internet providers.”

• “Español de Primera” and “U-Pick” television services will see a $2 increase and “Ultimate” will see a $3 increase;

• Internet services will increase by $2, except when combined with any TV service, in which case the internet component will increase by $1.

Liberty began making channel changes on Jan. 1, when it added new channels — Latin American Sports and Univision Deportes (available in “Español de Primera,” “Ultimate” and “Pick Sports”); and Sony Movies and MGM Movies (available in “Ultimate Movies.”)

It shifted IFC and Sundance from “Ultimate Plus” to “Ultimate;” added FXM and Watching Movies to its “Ultimate Movies” package; and moved World Fishing Network from “HD Deluxe” to “Ultimate Sport” and “Pick Sports.”

The following channels were eliminated Dec. 31, 2018: Smithsonian, El Gourmet and Más Chic. The Teleuniverso channel will be removed from Liberty’s regular line-up and will be available individually a-la-carte.

Last year, as it rebuilt its local network that was pummeled by Hurricane María, Liberty introduced new services such as “Liberty Go,” “Smart Protect,” an improved “Liberty On Demand” platform, as well as broadband plans of up to 400 Megabytes, “to provide superior connection, the best entertainment and a unique experience,” the company said.

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