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MCS honors physicians at Puerto Rican Medical Hall of Fame gala

The Hall of Fame and the health insurer reaffirm their joint mission to preserve the legacy of these professionals.

Health insurer MCS recently celebrated the “commitment, excellence and vocation” of the health care providers inducted into the third edition of the Puerto Rican Medical Hall of Fame gala.

A total of seven physicians and a hospital were honored at the event held at the Fairmont El San Juan Hotel last week. MCS recently announced a partnership with the Puerto Rican Medical Hall of Fame, to celebrate the history of excellence in the medical field on the island.

“We look to the future, but it’s important that we look at the illustrious history of medicine in Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, there are professionals and institutions that have been an example of innovation, dedication and commitment to the best standards of health care,” said Inés Hernández-Roses, chief medical officer of MCS.

“It is important that the new generations of Puerto Rican doctors know and feel proud of that legacy. It is these new generations who have it in their hands to continue the tradition of seeking excellence in service to our population,” said Roses, who framed the collaboration with the Puerto Rican Medicine Hall of Fame with the “Impúlsate con MCS” program, which seeks to support young doctors to establish their practice in Puerto Rico.

During the ceremony, MCS presented special awards to two physicians “who have left indelible marks on Puerto Rican medicine.” Antonio Grillo-López, hematologist and oncologist, was celebrated for his groundbreaking research that has benefited more than 70,000 patients around the world each year.

“Grillo López’s dedication to science and his impact in the fight against cancer are truly heroic,” said Hernández-Roses.

Roberto Torres, chief operations officer of MCS, gave the award to Efraín Antonio Defendini-Maurás, a pioneer of cardiovascular surgery on the island. His family and colleagues received the award posthumously, highlighting his crucial role in the development of the Cardiovascular Center of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

“It’s an honor to present this award to Defendini’s family, [he was] a true teacher and mentor to many in the cardiovascular field,” said Torres.

The collaboration between MCS and the Puerto Rican Medical Hall of Fame reflects MCS’ commitment to “honoring and preserving the legacy of outstanding medical professionals who have contributed significantly to the well-being and health of the Puerto Rican community.”

This support aligns with MCS’ vision of being a reliable business partner for its providers, enhancing the quality of care received by its members and contributing to the continued development of Puerto Rico’s health system, the insurer stated.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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