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Migas Comida Casual-Café opens 3rd restaurant in Cabo Rojo

The first restaurant was launched in 2017.

Migas Comida Casual-Café recently opened its third location in Cabo Rojo with an investment of $140,000 and the creation of 24 new jobs, its owners — Franky Suárez-Caro and his mother, licensed public relations specialist Sandra Caro-Torrado — announced.

The new establishment, located at La 100 Plaza on Highway 100 in Cabo Rojo, began operations with limited capacity and, after receiving a broad reception, expanded its dining room. It also expanded its outdoor terrace, bringing the total capacity to 65 diners. In the coming months, it will also become the first Migas restaurant with the convenience of offering drive-thru services.

“With this third location, we reaffirm our commitment to offering an exceptional experience and the rich flavor that characterizes Migas in a cozy and friendly environment,” Suárez-Caro said. “We are excited to serve more Puerto Ricans and visitors to the region from Cabo Rojo, who seek to enjoy our varied gastronomic offerings of coffee, all-day breakfasts, casual food, brunch and homemade desserts.”

Since Suárez-Caro decided to launch the restaurant in 2017, he has had the support and guidance of his mother, who has a professional background in public relations and marketing. This partnership has been
crucial to the success and growth of Migas, from the establishment of the first location on Road 114 in Mayagüez, their second restaurant on Highway PR-2, also in Mayagüez, to the most recent expansion in Cabo Rojo.

“This venture with my son Franky has been an enriching and exciting experience,” Caro-Torrado said. “Seeing how Migas has expanded and won the hearts of our customers fills us with pride. We are committed to excellence and will continue working to ensure that every visit to our locations is memorable. We thank our Migas lovers for their loyalty and continuous support, and our entire team for their commitment and performance.”

Migas’ menu offers diners Arabica coffee in various hot and cold beverages, juices, frappes, breakfasts with eggs, french toast, belgian waffles, soups, pasta, quesadillas, wraps, sandwiches, cauliflower pizzas, open toasts, salads, burgers and more. Their Breakfast of Champions – which includes fried or scrambled eggs, Migas sautéed potatoes, sausage, and a choice of waffles, French toast, or pancakes – is a favorite among Migas lovers.

The restaurant also has vegetarian options and offers a menu with choices of chicken breast and salmon for lunch or dinner. A special Migas hallmark is that they serve a cup of coffee accompanied by a homemade sugar cookie.

To entice dessert lovers, Migas bakes its own delights such as cheesecakes, muffins, little cakes and other treats, including the popular Migas Sugar Cookies with seasonal designs. The outdoor area of the restaurants is also pet-friendly for those who wish to bring their pets along.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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