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MLB players join Food Bank of Puerto Rico to help minor leaguers

Nonprofit organization More than Baseball is launching a fundraising project with the Food Bank of Puerto Rico to help minor league players and provide food to communities affected by the COVID-19 crisis in Puerto Rico.

The initiative will run May 15-31 and 25% of the proceeds will be donated to the Food Bank.

More than Baseball, founded by veteran pitcher Javier Vázquez and Boston Red Sox catcher Christian Vázquez, will donate the rest of the proceeds to the Minor League Incentive Program.

The minor league program helps players struggling with the shutdown caused by COVID-19. More than Baseball has already awarded more than 200 grants during the pandemic. A minor league baseball player’s annual salary in $6,882. This year will be much less for most of those players, the entity said.

Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2020 establish the poverty level at $12,760 per individual or $26,200 per family of four, which is the average of the minor leagues players’ families, according to a study by the nonprofit.

“More than Baseball is going to help the next generation of MLB players achieve their dream. It’s work with the Food Bank gives me the opportunity to help my people in Puerto Rico and the minor league players,” said Christian Vázquez.

In addition to providing monetary aid to minor league players, More than Baseball will offer financial and legal advice, housing assistance, off-season support, professional development and employment training, and training resources.

The nonprofit also offers online seminars for insurance applications, financial literacy, and nutritional and mental training programs.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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