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New Puerto Rico Rum Journey route promotes local distilleries

Puerto Rico Rum Journey, a tool to generate traffic and facilitate visiting different rum distilleries located throughout the Island, was unveiled recently to allow users to interact with seven distilleries, create a route of visits, and make reservations for excursions, tastings, seminars, and mixology classes, among other experiences.

The app — available for download through Google Play and the Apple Store — also allows consumers to buy promotional items, participate in a rewards program and upload photos, among other activities.

Designed and developed locally by a team of rum enthusiasts, Puerto Rico Rum Journey works as a passport with information about different distilleries. It includes Casa Bacardi, Castillo Serrallés, Ron el Barrilito, Destilería Coquí, San Juan Artisan Distillers, The Crab Island, and the Craft Spirits Distillery. Users will have access to both the website and the mobile application.

Joel Vázquez-Rivera, Lemuel Lind-Osorio, and Angélica Mejía, creators of the concept, started the project more than a year ago.

Their goal was to promote Puerto Rico as the leading rum destination globally and support the development of the industry and distilleries so that their history and brands are known locally and internationally.  

“Puerto Rico Rum Journey creates the rum tour, and consumers choose the route of visits and experiences that interests them. From here, they can manage the entire reservation process easily and simply through a digital ticket directly from the application,” said Vázquez.

“Our goal is to institute a community of experts and rum lovers that functions as ambassadors while promoting distilleries and the domestic tourism industry,” he added.

Through the platform, distilleries will share notifications and special promotions. In addition, users will receive points or rewards in each experience that they can redeem for promotional material.

Users will get a stamp on their passports. After completing the entire tour and filling their virtual passports, users will receive different accreditations that certify them as an amateur or rum experts, according to their experience level.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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