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ProRanked rolls out EV charging app in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican technology firm ProRanked has launched an application tailored for the Puerto Rican market that offers a process for paying for charging their electric vehicle (EV) and that syncs with ATH Movil, the widely used local payment method.

The team behind the app includes Edwin Moreno, founder and CEO, alongside Jonathan Díaz, director of finance; Andy Ray, director of strategy and marketing; and Manuel Martínez, director of operations. They explained that they realized EV owners in Puerto Rico did not have as many charging solutions, compared with what is available abroad.

“We saw an opportunity in the industry since most of the options were canned and focused mainly on the needs of the European and U.S. markets. Being in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, we immediately identify local needs and implement solutions more aligned with the local market, such as being able to pay with ATH Móvil,” Moreno said.

With the ProRanked app, which is available for download at smartphone app stores, drivers can find nearby charging stations. They have the option to pay in advance for charging their EVs and choosing between charging speeds. 

The app is also geared to businesses. Restaurants, offices, lodgings and other businesses can utilize the application as a source of revenue by installing EV chargers on their premises.

Moreno said the app was developed to improve the user experience for apartment building dwellers as well. 

“We also have the solution, ProRanked Condominium, in response to the demand and need for condominium owners to recharge their electric cars. With the use of the application, the payment for recharging is faster, particularly if you do it with ATH Móvil,” he said.

In ensuring the app is compatible with different chargers, ProRanked sought and received the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) certification. 

“It is important that the chargers have the OCPP certification, in case the operator wants to make a change of charger in the future and the interconnection between chargers and technological programs is facilitated,” Moreno pointed out.

Stressing the importance of collaboration, Moreno mentioned the company’s open approach to partnerships. 

“ProRanked is operating with various charger companies on the island, and we do not have exclusivity with companies that sell and install power charger equipment for electric vehicles,” he noted. “It is our interest that the more establishments, businesses, have chargers throughout the entire Island, the more people have the confidence to purchase electric vehicles and thus contribute to a sustainable Puerto Rico.”

In addition, companies with EVs can use the app to monitor their fleet’s charging and utilize it to seek efficiency. ProRanked said it also offers program oversight and management services. For more information, visit the company’s website.

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