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Puerto Rico’s Pichea App introduces Pichea TV

Pichea LLC said its mobile app has revolutionized how Puerto Ricans explore their island since its debut in 2021. The app features more than 300 local businesses, services, deals and tourist attractions. 

“Now, with the gradual addition of Pichea TV (www.picheatv.com) and content, the entertainment options have expanded further, offering a broad range of local entertainment, from series to podcasts and movies from various production studios that celebrate our vibrant culture,” the company said in its news release.

The app also offers local news, “keeping users informed about the most relevant events and news in their neighborhood,” from “last-minute events to top local services,” according to the release.

From its new office in Guaynabo, the company continuously updates the app’s Marketplace section to assist users in their search for services, making reservations, finding local events and classified ads.

“Our mission is to provide fast and reliable services that improve the lives of Puerto Ricans. We want to be more than an application; we want to be an ally in your daily life, making everyday tasks easier and helping you discover the best of Puerto Rico,” stated Pichea founder and CEO John Paul Mestre-Valedon.

He explained that the app emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. 

“We realized the importance of having reliable and accessible services in difficult times. Pichea App was developed as a solution to meet a variety of needs, from essential services to entertainment,” the chief executive said.

The company said that businesses and service providers interested in registering themselves on the app can do so by visiting www.picheapp.com. Once registered, they can manage and edit menus, orders, coupons, events, photos and business information through the portal and the app.

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