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Op-Ed: Change is necessary in life and in business

Digitization and automation continue to change the workforce and make traditional roles become, often, redundant. The reality is that change is necessary and if companies do not adapt to it, the competitive advantage they offer to their customers will probably disappear.

Over time, we have seen that the most successful and recognized brands by people have earned their position by their constancy and continued presence at the top, distinguishing themselves from others.

Companies continually navigate a sea of constantly changing and different kinds obstacles, for example, cultural trends, technological advances and economic changes. Thus, executives in decision-making positions and leaders must identify exactly what changes are required in their company so they can provide a better experience to their consumers.

It’s clear that promoting and educating about organizational change represents many challenges, and the burden of adoption is for the entire company and affects even those who did not participate in the decision-making process.

However, we must take into account resistance to change, which is a natural human inclination. Therefore, regardless of scale, organizational transformation requires a very strategic and well-planned approach, as well as a team behind it.

Let’s review four management change principles that will help your company achieve the successful implementation of organizational change:

Good communication and trust
Leadership is the most important component of change. Companies don’t become innovative overnight or by magic. They must establish processes to harvest new ideas along with the promotion of total transparency in communication. Ideas flow freely when a company’s culture allows for open and honest communication. Leadership must foster an environment where innovative ideas are highly valued, no matter which employee implements them.

Develop a strategic plan
As simple as it may seem, developing an implementation plan can be one of the biggest challenges for organizational transformations, depending on the scope and type of project being carried out.

Strategic executives recognize that employees “accept” what they help build and create, therefore, effective plans need to incorporate contributions from multiple levels of the organization.

A well-designed plan must take into account the company’s culture, anticipate the reaction of employees and incorporate a clear methodology to handle the resistance that will inevitably come.

Understanding the opportunities
All major change efforts are likely to provide great opportunities for the company’s financial, organizational and cultural growth. Implementing the plan effectively and obtaining acceptance from all participants is where most leaders fall short. For them, it is important to educate and communicate the great opportunities that change brings and also establish real times.

Opening the mind
Change can cause a lot of tension, but it all depends on how it is seen. If you accept change with optimism and a good attitude, it can be useful. If you are closed to change, it will be painful. Therefore, welcome the change with all your heart, open your mind, understand that everything in life involves changes and you can ensure survival and achieve success in all areas of your personal and work life.

Author Federico Gómez-Schumacher is general manager of PayPal in Brazil and Mexico.

Finally, it is important to say that each change is decided because the positive aspects of the change are greater than the negative ones. Change requires a new mindset, a set of tools and a set of skills. Therefore, we are open to change and to grow personally, professionally and socially.

Change is inevitable. The business landscape is changing rapidly worldwide, and organizations must follow the same pace and reinvent themselves to achieve excellence and effectiveness.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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