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Oriental awards $55K in college scholarships

Oriental recently granted $55,000 to university students as part of its internal scholarship program for employees’ children.

The scholarships aim to benefit students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Business Administration.

“In Oriental we support our employees in their most important investment, and we bet on youth investing in their educational development,” said Jennifer Zapata-Nazario, senior vice president of Human Resources at Oriental.

“They are the future of Puerto Rico and for us it is important to support them so they can develop and become successful professionals. In this way, we contribute to our island’s well-being,” she said.

The chosen students were: Marimar Luciano-Menéndez, María Grosso-Zelaya, Nadya Estarellas-Padua, Andrés Santana-Miranda, Gabriel A. Jirau-Neptune, Adriana Estarellas-Padua, Shyline N. Santana-Santana, Juan P. González-Mayoral, Alanis S. Reyna-Concepción, Valerie K. Cruz-Negrón, Liam Rodríguez Márquez and Carlos A. Morales-Pastrana.

They study at different universities in the following disciplines: Psychology, Mental Health, Accounting, Environmental Design, Marketing, Cell Biology, Physics, Bio-Medical, Industrial Engineering, Social Sciences, Political Science and Industrial Chemistry.


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