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Paulson & Co. invests $9.2M in Hato Rey office buildings

Paulson & Co. announced that it has invested some $9.2 million in improvements to its Class A office buildings at Hato Rey’s financial district — known as the “Golden Mile” — aimed at improving both customers and visitors experience.

Among the improvements being made are a full revamp of the elevator system including a dispatch system­ — ­for customers and visitors alike — grouping elevator passengers going to the same floor in the same elevator.

The improvements are being made at the American International Plaza and 270 Plaza buildings.

The new system was designed by engineer Alba Loyda Cruz along with Vantage Elevation, LLC., one the main manufacturers of non-proprietary elevator equipment, and implemented by Sky High Elevator Corp., a small Puerto Rican company whose technicians have more than 40 years of experience in the elevator industry.

The elevator dispatch system will provide a 60% reduction in the amount of energy consumed. In addition, passengers will experience a reduction in wait and travel times.

Furthermore, the “bathrooms, vacant spaces, communal corridor areas and the emergency generator systems,” have also been improved.

 “We focus primarily on the experience of each individual from the moment they enter our building until they leave,” said Gilberto García, CEO for the Class A Office Portfolio of Paulson Puerto Rico.”

“Since 2014 and 2015, when John Paulson and Fahad Ghaffar acquired the American International Plaza and 270 Plaza respectively, we have been working hard to improve the experience for both our people and clients,” he said.

“We would also like to add that we are very proud to say that our current work team in Paulson Puerto Rico is made up of more than 5,000 Puerto Rican families who labor every day to build a better country together,” García added.

García further noted that “Paulson Puerto Rico’s assets represent the “totality of our efforts, since, like our work team, they have been built with the best of the best.”

The buildings, García said, have the “finest amenities and technology.”

“There are no other buildings like these in Puerto Rico and we firmly believe that we offer our tenants a competitive advantage in their respective businesses as we continue to make Puerto Rico a world class international business center,” García said.

Since 2014, Paulson & Co. has continued to grow and develop new ventures as part of the support provided for the business ecosystem.

Currently, Paulson & Co. owns the largest hotel, commercial buildings, and automobile market portfolios in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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